Meet Tyler Simmons

Tyler Simmons is a 17 year old singer/songwriter. He has spent a lot of time writing independently or collaborating with others on original songs - namely James Bryan McCollum from Prozzak/Philosopher Kings, Jeff Hazin, and RBTNE (Rosanne Baker Thornley and North Easton).

Tyler recently returned from a 5 week summer program at the Berklee College of Music where he received a full paid Rock scholarship for vocals.  You may also recognize Tyler from the new Family Channel/Disney TV show called Backstage.  

Tyler has had the good fortune to perform a Sebastian Kole original with JRDN, open for Tyler Shaw (2015) and Andy Grammar (2014) at the Liv Love & Lyric Fundraiser and perform at other incredible events such as Jakes Jam, Youth Day and with KISS members at the House of Blues.

Harry Styles Sign of the Times

James Bay Hold Back the River – Berklee Rock Workshop

Baby Its Cold Outside

Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

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