What have I been up to? 

So far, summer has been awesome!!  One would think I have time to relax, but it's quite the opposite.  I have been busier than ever!

Quick Highlights!! 

1.  I have just come off a high from an awesome show and debut with my incredibly talented band at the Piston on July 25th!!!!  We played a set of all originals except for one surprise cover.  We had an incredible attendance and rocked the house!  Will keep you posted for our next gig at the end of September!

Here are some pictures from the show...







Band members include Callum Maudsley, Chris MacFarlane, Kyle Teixeira and Chad Davis.

2.  THE David Crosby from Crosby, Still and Nash tweeted about my music!!!!  He heard my song "Dream" from a post on one of my incredible fan's twitter pages and commented and tweeted about my music!  I am honoured to have someone I admire comment on my music!  Click here to listen!













3.  In am in the FINALS of the TEEN category for Unsigned Only for my song "I'm Already Falling".  It is an honour be in up against some other incredibly talented musicians.  Thank you to Rosanne Baker Thornley and North Easton for this incredible co-write.  To hear the song and to vote for it (until August 31st), please Click here to vote









4.  I won the opportunity to work with unbelievable mentors and peers in the 2017 Canadian Songwriter Challenge!!!  Past mentors include Gavin Brown, Bill Bell, Liz Rodrigues, and Rob Wells.  This challenge, to write a song a day, is coming up in a week!!!  I am so excited by this opportunity!!!


5.  I collaborated with the exceptionally talented  Sina Drums!!!  Sina is a 17 year old drummer who has over 175K subscribers on her channel and has a hugely devoted following!!  Sina has also worked with other incredible singers such as Avonlea, Jadyn Rylee, Jasmine Thompson and Lauren Isenberg.  

Click here to watch!


6.  Catch me in a PSA commercial for Canadian Cancer Society.  Click here to watch!