What have I been up to? 

October and November were exciting months!  Tons of performances, lots of money raised for charities, visited universities and colleges, wrote a ton of songs...It may have been busy, but it was a ton of fun!

Quick Highlights!! 

1.  My first highlight is of a moving and inspirational event that spoke of diversity and acceptance.  Many religions, ethnicities and cultures came together on one night, October 14th, for a beautiful event at the Toronto Baha'i Center at 7:30pm.  I was fortunate to have been invited to sing 3 songs.

Here is a small clip of Ethan Young and I singing Hallelujah. Hallelujah  

2.  A few days later, on October 18th at 7:15pm, I found myself at the Steam Whistle Brewery performing at another incredible event - Three To Be's Connect Gala dinner.  Three To Be was inspired by triplets born 3.5 months prematurely and all later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  This organization's goal is to gain public support and attention on neurological disorders.

I sang True Colours with 2 others talented singers and I Rise Above with a stage full of artists.

Having fun backstage before the show - see below

3.  October 29th - What a night!!!  Myself, Aja9, Lauren Isenberg (Ren), and Raina Harten raised $1300 for victims of the latest hurricanes through the Canadian Red Cross!!  Our show was at the Hideout and we gave away incredible door prizes that were generously donated by Bay Bloor Radio,  Untitled and Co, Sephora, Bluboho Jewelry, OVO, Sporting Life and Tulips and Sunflowers. We also threw squishies from Higher Ground into the audience that were also a huge hit!

Below is a small part of my guitar solo on Sign of the Times by Harry Styles:





















4. On November 1st, 2017, I performed at the 5th Annual Fundraiser Concert in memory of Sheldon at Hugh's Room Live.  Sheldon Shaul passed away from cancer and all the money that was collected went to the Dr. Sheldon Shaul Special Fund at The Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative care.  

I sang 3 incredible songs throughout the night - Fly Me To the Moon/Lucky mashup, Don Denaburg's original song "Beyond Beautiful", and I Rise Above.  I was honoured that Don chose me to sing this song which he holds close to his heart and chose the talented Julie Neff to harmonize with me.  Click on the link below to see the performance of Beyond Beautiful.

Click here for Beyond Blue

5.  And then there was Indie Week!!!  All I can say is WOW!  I listened to some incredible bands and performers, met so many incredibly talented artists and learned a ton in such a short time.  

On Wednesday November 8th from 8:30pm to 9pm, my band and I played at The NightOwl. My act, along with 3 others, were being judged for this event.  An added bonus to this event was the incredible review in Spill Magazine we received from the Indie Week Judge at the NightOwl!  We were very appreciative of her feedback.  Please see below.















From the NightOwl, we moved on to the Semi Finals!!!  We were one of the fortunate few to have made it through. We were excited to learn that we were playing at the Paddock on Saturday November 12th from 10:30-10:45.  The Paddock was packed!  And the bands/performers before me were amazing!














6.  The fun never stopped!  There were weeks where I wrote 6 songs in one week to weeks where I only connected up with one amazingly talented musician.  Regardless, I am fortunate to have these collaborations.  And I have to say, I am super happy with the demos we produced!  Hope to share these songs with you soon.  So stay tuned!

(Pictures from left to right - Chad Davis and Chris MacFarlane, Suzie McNeil and Andrew MacTaggart, Kyle T, and Robyn Dell'Unto)











7.  I don't feel like taking this post down ;-).  I am still flattered and honoured that someone like David Crosby took the time to tweet about my music.  See below for what he said after he heard my song "Dream" from one of my incredible fan's post on twitter.   Click here to listen!













Well, it didn't stop there!  I totally freaked out when I saw his next post!   













8.  My collaboration with the exceptionally talented  Sina Drums on a classic Kinks song called 'Waterloo Sunset' is now available for download !!!  Sina is a 17 year old drummer who has a hugely devoted fan base and is rapidly growing her YouTube subscribers (almost 225K subscribers compared to 200K not even a month ago)!  Sina has also worked with other incredible singers such as Avonlea, Jadyn Rylee, Jasmine Thompson and Lauren Isenberg (Ren).

Click here to watch!

You can also check out her new album called Your Song Book at https://girls-got-groove.com/music/yoursongbook-best-covers-of-2017/


9.  Catch me in a PSA commercial for Canadian Cancer Society.  Click here to watch!