Meet Tyler Simmons

Tyler Simmons is a 16 y6103ear old singer/songwriter. He has spent a lot of time writing independently or collaborating with others on original songs - namely James Bryan McCollum from Prozzak/Philosopher Kings, Jeff Hazin, and RBTNE (Rosanne Baker Thornley and North Easton).

Tyler recently returned from a 5 week summer program at the Berklee College of Music where he received a full paid Rock scholarship for vocals.  

You may also recognize Tyler from the new Family Channel/Disney TV show called Backstage.  

Tyler has had the good fortune to perform a Sebastian Kole original with JRDN, open for Tyler Shaw (2015) and Andy Grammar (2014) for the Liv Love & Lyric Fundraiser and perform at other extraordinary events such as Jakes Jam, Youth Day and with KISS members at the House of Blues in Vegas.